Our unique LetterForm fabrication techniques have been giving our customers many advantages:

Increased Profitability – In addition to selling these attractive, high-quality letters for a premium, customers will also save money by eliminating the labor and material required by the trim cap process.

Unmatched by the competition – LetterForm can only be processed on the ChannelBender SX, ChannelBender SXP and ChannelBender R/T machines, giving our customers a substantial competitive advantage over other sign companies whose bending machines can only fabricate the simplest, most generic types of channel letters.

Easier Installation and Repair – Our patented EasyClip® system simplifies the installation of LetterForm channel letters. Simply attach the back panel to the wall and snap the face/return assembly onto the EasyClips which are riveted to the back panels. EasyClips are hidden inside the return after assembly is complete. If a letter requires service, rather than removing countless screws, simply snap off the face/return assembly, complete the repair, and snap it back into place.

High-Impact Signage – With our return materials available in a variety of heights, LetterForm offers a highly customizable look and the ability to do unique, high-end designs. LetterForm is ideal for front-lit, halo-lit, edge-lit and hybrid edge-lit / halo-lit letters.

Longer Lasting Signage – While achieving a more attractive appearance, the adhesive sealed Trimless technology eliminates the unsightly, weak link in the chain which is the trim cap. The trim cap typically fades, cracks and peels after brief exposure to the elements making it necessary to replace the face of the channel letter.

More flexible material – The polymer ridge on LetterForm makes that material more flexible for smaller, more challenging designs.

Pre-painted materials – LetterForm comes pre-painted, which saves time and money by eliminating the multi-step prep and painting process. As we expand the number of configurations available in our LetterForm material, options like stainless steel and thicker gauge aluminum will enable our customers to fabricate an essentially limitless variety of Trimless channel letters.

Available Colors – LetterForm is available in Gloss White, Gloss Black, Brushed Aluminum, Polished Stainless Steel or Primer Coated and ready to paint any color you like. We also can produce LetterForm in custom colors (minimum order required).  Contact us if you’d like more information on a custom color order.

LetterForm Endview Illustration

LetterForm Perspective Illustration

LetterForm Strucural Support


  • A minimum 4 supports are required per exterior mounted letter that measures 14″ or greater in height and/or width.  Minimum placement required is one support per side, of the letter as follows: top, bottom, left, and right

  • A minimum of 4 clips are required per letter regardless of letter size.  The maximum distance permitted between clips is 16 inches on interior mounted letters and 10 inches on exterior mounted letters.

  • A minimum of 4 properly sized screws through the return and through the pre-drilled pilot hole in the clip are required on all exterior mounted letters, regardless of size. Distance between screws penetrating the aluminum return and through the pre-drilled pilot hole in the clip must not exceed 12″

  • The minimum recommended thickness for the back panel is 1/8″ aluminum or 1/4″ aluminum composite.

LetterForm Seam Closures

These are our recommendations for joining your returns:

  • Use a bridge extending a minimum of 2″ on both sides of the join.
  • The bridge should span the full height between the ribs to minimize light leakage.
  • You should use structural adhesive to glue the bridge to the return.
  • The bridge should be reinforced with four rivets.  Using only two rivets may allow the join to twist.
  • If you join at the corners, all of the same applies, but your bridge will be angled 90 degrees.

Primer Coated LetterForm

LetterForm is the proprietary aluminum return material from SDS Automation that is changing the way channel letters are being made. It has a cleaner appearance to traditional trim capped letters, making it the preferred choice in many applications. Previously, it was only available in stainless steel or painted black or white, which meant that if you wanted a different color, the outside surface would have to be prepped for painting. Now, with our new Primer coated coil, the prep is already done, saving you time and money.

The outside surface (shown above) is coated in an off-white primer that has a matte textured, paint-ready finish. While the inside surface (shown below) is painted with a gloss white enamel to increase reflectivity and then fitted out with PVC strips for mounting the face and backing plate.

Primed LetterForm is currently available in two heights, 60 and 100 mm (approx. 2.375″ and 4″ tall) and is in stock, ready to ship. Of course, LetterForm is designed to work with our benders so you must have an Eco, Super or Super ChannelBender XP to use this material. Good news! We have those in stock too.


Trimless letters must be limited in size and weight due to the characteristics of the material. Structural integrity can vary due to climate, temperature, surface area, and overall perimeter of the letter. SDS makes no definitive recommendation regarding maximum letter height or weight. Users may wish to consider not exceeding 30″ in height when fabricating letters with LetterForm coil. Each user is responsible for performing an independent structural integrity evaluation for each application.

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