Quickly and securely staples aluminum and ACM (aluminum composite material) backs

 ChannelStitcher is the strongest, fastest, most inexpensive method available for fastening channel letter backs to the flange of your front-lit letters. This rapid-fire fastening solution creates its own industrial-strength staple from a coil of galvanized or stainless-steel wire.  This mechanical fastener delivers strength and structural stability that is superior to any other commonly used fastening method. 

 ChannelStitcher’s benefits include:

  • Works with aluminum, aluminum composite materials (ACM) and polycarbonate
  • Works with any size flange tab
  • Works well with thicker aluminum like .063 and .080

Benefits of Stitching Compared to Other Methods


Clinching does not work with aluminum composite material (ACM) or polycarbonate and requires 3/8” minimum tab size which prevents fastening along many radius bends. Clinchers also produce notoriously weak connections in aluminum when the thickness exceeds .040”.


Adhesives are expensive as are the mixing tips for the glue cartridges. Stitching produces no fumes, requires no cleaning and is dramatically less expensive than adhesive.


Rivets are many times more expensive than staples.  A 10 lb. spool of stitcher wire will produce about 50,000 staples, making staples a fraction of a penny each, unlike rivets which are several cents each.

Spot Welding

Stitching is a faster, cleaner, easier solution that requires a lower skill level. It also eliminates the possibility of warping and “blow through” common to welding

Our newest addition to the Series is the ChannelStitcher, the perfect companion to our flanging ChannelBender machines. The ChannelStitcher eliminates the need to drill, weld, or screw, saving you material and labor costs – up to 5 times faster than using screws or rivets and is much less expensive than chemical adhesives. It comes backed by our reputation for quality products and exceptional customer service. If you have or are developing a dedicated workflow for traditional channel letters, this stitcher is a “must-have” machine.

It is manufactured to rigid specifications and has many parts that can be reversed for double the service life. Operation is quiet, it needs very little maintenance and no special skills are required to operate it. One of its most outstanding features is the ability to work with ACM, which is faster cutting and cheaper to use than aluminum for backing material.

The price of a fully equipped ChannelStitcher includes shipping and a six month warranty. There are no hidden fees.

PowerSystem120VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz, 1P
Dimensions (W x D x H)Floor Space24" x 41" x 72" (61 cm x 104 cm x 183 cm)
Features26" (66 cm) throatAccommodates stitching up to 52" (132 cm) letters
Clearance1³⁄8" (35 mm) between clincher and head
Work height46½" (118 cm) – top of post
Wire18 gauge – stainless or galvanized
SpeedMaximum speed310 stitches per minute
Material10# Coil31,000 stitches
25# Coil80,000 stitches
OptionsSign stitcher tableAdjustable height, air operated

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