ChannelBender® R/T

Highly specialized automated channel letter bending technology for sign makers. 

ChannelBender R/T is a specialized system dedicated exclusively to forming high-end fabricated, halo-lit or Trimless® letters without a flange. The R/T can process brushed or polished stainless steel, polished brass, aluminum, mild steel, and even copper. This bender can form letters from strips or coil and can process material heights from1″ to 5″ in height and .025” to .063” in thickness


This unique machine can process our proprietary LetterForm® for fabricating Trimless letters with either acrylic or epoxy resin faces. It can even form demanding materials like mirror finish stainless steel, polished brass, and copper, without leaving any mechanical bending marks. Letters formed on the ChannelBender R/T entirely eliminate the need for conventional plastic trim cap.

The ChannelBender R/T has the ability to broach LetterForm return material as well as polished stainless, brass, and copper. The broaching feature is a patented process that scores a shallow vertical groove at the exact location of sharp, angled bends. The relief-cut created by the broaching process results in crisp, precise bends and allows for the forming of intricate shapes, like 1/4″ serifs, which were previously

The ChannelBender® Series, manufactured by SDS and available only from SDS Automation, is a line of automated channel letter fabrication machines known as the fastest, most reliable and precise technology available to sign makers. Rigorous testing shows ChannelBenders can complete the process of bending returns 15% to 30% faster than the nearest competitive machines, and cut hand finishing time by an additional 30% or more. Customer feedback indicates it is typical to achieve return on investment between 12 and 18 months.

The ChannelBender R/T produces non-flanged letters. Its unique broaching feature produces crisper, sharper bends, allowing the machine to bend intricate shapes previously thought impossible to automate. In addition to aluminum, brass, and stainless material, the ChannelBender R/T can process LetterForm®, our proprietary aluminum return material, for the production of Trimless® channel letters.

The price of a fully equipped ChannelBender R/T includes set-up, installation, and on-site training at your facility. Additionally, two years of software updates, lifetime phone and remote access tech support from a U.S.-based technician, and a two year parts and labor warranty are included. There is no optional equipment and there are no hidden fees. By the conclusion of your comprehensive training, you will know how to competently operate and maintain your new ChannelBender series machine.

SDS Automation is an automated metal bending expert and the inventor and original holder of fifteen patents for this type of technology. Over 3,000 SDS machines have been sold worldwide. Our 30 years of experience manufacturing and servicing these systems, combined with our dedicated team of technicians, create the very best service and support infrastructure in the industry.

PowerSystem220VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz, 1P
(W x D x H)
System85.75" x 35.5" x 65" (218 cm x 90 cm x 165 cm)
Coil Cassette30" x 30" x 57" (76 cm x 76 cm x 145 cm)
FeaturesBroaching of anglesAdjustable depth relief cut
Batch processingYes
BendingMaximum angle120˚ (coil)
Smallest radius that can be bent a full 180°.2" (5 mm) radius (coil)
Shortest distance from end to a sharp bend.2632" (6 mm)
Shortest distance from start to a sharp bend.2632" (6 mm)
Material Coil SpecificationsOutside diameter of coil26" (66 cm)
Thickness.026" – .063" (.66 mm – 1.6 mm)
Height1" – 5" (25 mm – 127 mm)
LetterForm SpecificationsThickness1.0 mm (approximately .040")
Height37 mm (1-3/8"), 60 mm (2-3/8") and 100 mm(4")
Length27 m (approx. 96') coil

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